Like many of you who are reading this, you may have grown up playing and enjoying Pinball! It’s an important part of our American culture and we should be preserved it for future generations to enjoy.

The heyday of pinball was during the 70’s and 80’s. Pinball continued it’s popularity in the 1990’s and 2000’s, but the number of machines being produced diminished during that time period, as video games, the internet, and cell phones took interest.  Remember playing games produced by Bally, Chicago Coin, Capcom, Gottlieb, Midway, Sega, Stern and Williams ?   Today there is only three major manufacture of pinball machines: Stern, Jersey Jack and Spooky Pinball still building pinball machines in the United States… and there aren’t many public places where pinball can be played. Many of these older machines have been either destroyed, are in disrepair, or tucked away in someone’s private collection, where the public never gets to see these games.  This trend along with fewer and fewer repair people, that have the knowledge, skill and ability to work on these machines, limits these machines from being played. Pinball is a national treasure if we don’t do something about it its just gone. They really are an amazing piece of American ingenuity. The good news….along with many trends, Americans have a great love affair with all kinds of things from their childhood.  These retro games are now very popular and pinball is making a major comeback.

As teenager in the 80’s, Jerry Pinkas enjoyed going to the local arcades and the mall to play pinball machines.

During summer vacations as a child, he always looked forward to visiting the multiple arcades on the boardwalk. He would save his money up so he could play pinball, arcade video games and coin operated skill games during his vacation week. As an adult he still has that same passion for the game.

“The way this thing got started…. a couple years ago I bought a pinball machine for my real estate sales office. During the summer months we get a lot of families in our office. I wanted something that could entertain the kids, while parents talked with the Realtors. My first machine was a Williams Road Kings pinball. When I played that game, it brought me right back to the time when I was a teenager. It was a blast! The kids and families that visited to our office really enjoyed playing it too, so I added another pinball machine and another. With limited room at the office I started taking them home. It wasn’t long before I started collecting them.  Once I had a few games I realized that maintenance was going to a concern. Each machine has a hundred switches, bulbs, solenoids,  a 1/2 mile of wiring and all kinds of things can go wrong with them. Not all these games were working when I acquired them. With labor at $75 -$125 an hour, I had to start figuring this stuff out for my self.  I really enjoy the restoring, trouble shooting, fixing and bring these gems back to life.

It wasn’t long before I realized we had built a unique collection of awesome, playable pinball machines. So, why have a really cool collection of pinball’s that only a few people get to play.  I do believe that somehow these machines have a personality begging to be played!  That’s when I decided to use these machines and do some good.  I realized I wasn’t the only person interested in these games. Over the years I have meet some really awesome people who are also into pinball and want to keep it alive and going.  So together with the love of pinball and children’s charities, we are moving forward with our plan to build the Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum.”

At one point there were thousands of machines out in public for people to play. Now they are in a warehouse, a garage, or at some guys house that doesn’t want you coming over that much.

When asked, “What do you like about pinball most? Pinkas says “There is something really cool about the artwork, its pop culture art! And I also like the fact that once you pull back on the plunger and release that ball, its a different game every time. Have you ever played a game of pinball where everything happened exactly the same? It’s not like video game sequence..the same every time. It’s live. It’s a 25 cent out of body experience. When you play a game of Pinball, it takes you away. It gives you temporary escape from the grind of of day to day reality.”

The awesome thing is….. my wife and 3 kids also enjoy playing these games and have a love of all things pinball.”

We enjoy celebrating the Art, Science and History of Pinball and Arcades! Its Art!

“As a Myrtle Beach Local I always get questions from locals and tourists asking; Where’s the best place to play pinball in Myrtle Beach? Or Why arent there any places to play?”

It’s about sharing with others the love of the game, the hobby and helping children’s charities.

We don’t have a permanent location open to the public yet. Stay Tuned! We are working on a project, Our idea, and future goal, is to doing something many people would not attempt! Combine our love of pinball and children’s charities together.Things of this size just don’t happen overnight and this is exactly what we have been working on. One day, we wish to display our pinball collections to the public, so everyone can enjoy these machines the way they were meant to be enjoyed. We are looking forward to that day. We are not open to the public yet. With a lot of hard work, we look forward to the day when these machines come together in one location. Thank You For Your Support! https://www.facebook.com/MyrtleBeachPinballMuseum



© 2018 Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation

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